Three Minutes (Created Quiet)

There is a woman who occasionally visits the church that I attend in Carrollton, Texas. Me Ra Koh presents an atmosphere that makes one stop and pay attention.  She has spoken at a few women’s conferences and each time I’ve heard her, I’ve had something deep inside that wants to move, to change, to do something different. She has given me inspiration to begin this page. The information that she shares is simple but life changing, it is practical and it’s things that we more than likely have thought about at one time or another but maybe haven’t taken the time to put them into action.  And so it begins… three minutes of silence – to listen, to look, to hear, feel and embrace the voice that is revealed.  I need the silence because there are days that are so busy, so fast, that move relentlessly and never stop to take note of moments that should have been observed a little further . . . a little deeper.  I am not sure if my three minutes will be everyday, once a week or once every two weeks, but today marks the day that I will pay attention to life around me and when I need that break away, I promise that I will take it. In the silence I am not expecting perfection or even for everything to make sense. But I will walk in confidence, embrace the passion, create and listen for the voice of God through words, picture, prayer and confirmation.  I will approach the silence with hope whether I am in light or darkness at the time.  If in the dark I will question where the light should be and if in light, I will ask how far I should go. Me Ra said, “The darker it is, the brighter the light.”  She tends to be an expert in the photography world when it comes to light and darkness. In our actual lives we find the darkness uncomfortable at times, but even still it doesn’t remove the darkness. The story still most be told in the darkness and we can’t ignore it. We were born to create light in the dark. We were designed not to listen to the truths of society, the security that they try to bring, but to instead know that we have authority as it relates to our own lives. We are the experts, so to speak.  Those things that society suggest that we are in need of are mere suggestion. How do they know when they don’t quite know what they need?  In my three minutes of silence, I will choose to believe that no matter what is going on at the time, that I will get where I need to be even if I don’t know how.  I will sit silently knowing that there will be some who will try to talk me out of going where I may need to go. They are only talking against it because they  chose not to go.  I will approach the silence with the desire to follow the dream, the plan, the passion and if it is meant to be, if it is meant for me, no one else, but me,  can prevent it from growing. I will block out all other noise, commotions, distraction and things that prevent focus and realize that I am in the safest place.  I have a desire to see the other side, to step up my game, to be fearless, hungry, to be infectious, to speak out of the quiet.  Whatever comes from that place of silence within those three small or maybe long minutes is what will land here. Those things that appear to be impossible… I will venture out to determine my part. Me Ra Koh mentioned that unless we are standing in front of an impossible, we don’t really need God, do we?  There are others who are also counting onus to take risk, to take the moment as it is, to pursue our creative passion that comes from the silence, to LIVE in the dark -as opposed to barely getting by or giving into fear.  In the quiet I will press in deeper into those areas that have been dormant. There IS a world that needs encouragement, that needs hope, who needs to see that someone else has indeed made it through.  And Me Ra is correct, if doesn’t have to be in a church way – meaning all holy that it does no one any good.  There will always be excuses that we are too young, too old, too under qualified, too poor or too something. There will be that part of us that will want guarantees, or sign to tell is it will be fine. There is a part of us that has been broken, shatter, misused, taken advantage of that may not want to risk another upset… Me Ra indicated that we are focusing on the fall and not the flying.  We must leap and fly again and again. We have to allow the focus to be on the face that we are flying.  We can’t hold on to unnecessary concerns or anxiety but instead take a crazy leap. That leap will result in something wonderful.  In these three small minutes I will choose to embrace that fact that I will come out being able to inspire, motivate, encourage, make decisions, and move forward in changing situations according to the revelation that God will reveal.  I will wait for what will come from the quiet knowing that it will be worth it and that I am worthy to receive the outcome and will be able to make it happen.  I will choose not to be apart of society, to groan, tear down, gossip or try to discourage another in any way and I will truly make efforts in positive direction realizing that Godly counseling is food for the soul but unresolved advice is criticism that should never be shared. . . we get what we give, sow what we reap, what goes around comes back around.  I will face the silence knowing that I am not a victim of my circumstance, of my past or present. I am alive whether in the dark or light of the silence and my goals and plans are to thrive no matter who is still standing with me at the end.

Quiet By Nature


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