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Look up! … past the ceilings and the sky and know that there is no limit to where you can go or what you can do. Advertisements

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I love adding things to my water, beautiful foods adorn the glass and make it more desirable to drink, gives it a better taste and helps me to drink more – getting the necessary and recommended amount.  While searching for the net I ran across the below Water Detox that I plan to try this […]

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Everyone you meet will

come with baggage, find

someone who loves you

enough to help you unpack.

author – unknown

Quiet By Nature

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Honor is not something temporary.  You either live in  it or you don’t. You either possess it or you don’t.  There is respect in honor.  Respect defined down to it’s simplest term is showing the same love, honor and courtesy to someone that you believe is beneath you (homeless person or someone poor perhaps?), that […]

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