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welcome … glad you stopped by!

It didn’t take me long to realize that journaling wasn’t my thing, at least not in the traditional form. I love writing. It’s therapeutic for me. I like sharing. You know, getting it all out in the open, which is a 360 from where I came from. My method of choice is the pen or computer. I am changed for many reasons, but mainly One (Love). We’ll have a life time for me to talk to you about that. When introducing myself to others, I often tell them that I am quiet by nature, which is quite true. It’s me…Good Quiet, and I like it that way. That’s not say that I’m always quiet, when I have something to say, I do. Give me quiet or loud moments, an empty room, a break-up, an event, friends – at my place or theirs, a concert, restaurant, work, trials, poetry, give me music, a good conversation, sports, tell me about something just or unjust, joyful, inspiring, pain, prejudices, vacations, an encounter, a dream, success, life (fair and unfair) – which is a passion for me, service (bad and good), first times, just about anything …and I’m writing about it. The volume of the written is loud sometimes. Prepare yourself. For some it’s a hiding place (yes, your out there… those who’d rather text than talk), for others it’s a block, or a money maker. For me, it’s my new thing. It’s a piece of me. Many, who know only the quiet side of me, always ask for me. I’ve been asked for so many years and now I’m finally giving in.

I’m a writing virgin, but I like the purity, the innocence, the passion and excitement that it takes and releases. I don’t think it’s lady-like to tell all on the first date, but I can tell you that I am simple most of the time however in certain seasons I can be complex. I’m passionate about the things that I’m passionate about. When I was younger I would hear older people reminisce about how great things used to be. My mind translates that as there were some things and certain times when portions of life was good and beautiful but as time went on some of those things changed (not always for the best) and that change caused them to stop and take note that it was no longer the same. I am one of those people who was different in another time and space but I’m getting around to finding my way. I can and have been an isolator during the quietness and sometimes even in the busiest center of life. I love people, but people can also step on one of those nerves and it’s all I can do to… well I’ll save that for later. God has shown me patience and in return I try to give it. I am natural in MANY ways. I am not one of those girly girls who will go out of the way to fix up everything to give you the false impression that it is a certain way all the time (it’s perfect all the time, clean all the time, organized all time… nope that’s not me). What you see, you see; feel what you want; be you no matter what’s going on, when you’re with me. I’m real. I hang with flawed people but I serve Perfection (God). I am also flawed but I’m real and I can get sassy with it sometimes.

I spent most of my young life as a single parent – and now, well … I’m single (which is not an invitation) and learning everyday the ups and downs of life, love, learning those things that I like and don’t like, I’m trying new things and new ways. I have lived in the city for many years but have not lived the city-life. I’m a home girl; and around-the-way-chic, anyone who knows me will vouch for that. While I do love chivalry, I am not one to pretend not know where the gas tank is or play the “I don’t know game” when it suits me. If I need help, I ask. I am not a game player. I am here when my friends me need me and show up when I need myself. I have been known to help move, take care of people when they are ailing (even if I don’t know them), I pray for them, cry with them, I will cook if I have to; meaning that I used to cook all the time growing up (because I had to). I was the middle child and we all were latch key children. My siblings had to eat and I was the chosen. When I cooked, people came from far and wide to eat. They loved my cooking (it wasn’t always free meal unless I truly knew that persons circumstance). Cooking for one, these days, doesn’t take all that… but I have been known to help others with their dinner parties and the like. Because I am no stranger to the home or work, I am also one of those friends who is the first to help serve, put away, stay behind to help clean-up or to make sure all is well before leaving someone that I love with a mess. I have been also known to visit friends and clean their home, wash their dishes, help paint, just because. Sometimes people need help and may not ask. Sometimes they just need the company; not necessarily to talk but just to have someone there. I have laid tile, changed oil (yes, in a car) and have even changed out a radiator. People who don’t know me that well are sometimes taken by surprise and are not sure what to say, but once they get to know me… they realize I think better sometimes when I’m doing something and bottom line… it’s my nature to serve, it is not the same as being taken advantage of. I have a gifting with people

I love being at home, but I’m also learning to get out occasionally. I don’t like traffic, waiting in lines, spam, unwanted emails, solicitation calls, text, gossip, lies, humidity, hatred, favoritism or short weekends. My mind can be changed. I love learning and sharing knowledge with others. I am intelligent, this is not a boast but if you engage this quiet girl long enough, I might surprise you. I live in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, so I would have to say that my favorite seasons (here) are Fall and Spring. The wind blows and the scenery is breath taking, although I can do without the tornadoes and again the humidity. I am American although I am not always happy with the paths that we choose. I love family although family may not always know how to love or be loved. I love watching football, basketball and track. I on occasion have been known to watch a baseball game or two during the series but we haven’t had a real relationship.

I enjoy being around beautiful; people who are beautiful (on the inside) – it never fades and also outwardly. I make it a habit to get to know people for myself and do not base my knowledge on the prejudices of others. My bucket list is growing everyday. I really enjoy taking pictures of anyone and everything. How I wish that someone would take the time with me to teach me and while learning that I would like someone to teach me to dance, play the bass guitar, the piano, sing. Also this may shock some people but I also have this fascination with pole dancing. It may or may not be what you’re thinking but the people who do that have amazing upper body strength. I watched something that was like the Olympics of pole dancing many years ago and sense then, I wanted to do it, but haven’t been brave enough to take a class. I love working out… but sometimes I can truly hate it. I enjoy things that get my blood pumping that don’t actually give the appearance of working out.  Although times are hard for me financially, and I have no means currently to attend school, I have a desire to learn web development.  I suppose youtube would be a great start as people actually attend classes and post them them.  The major draw back is not being able to ask questions. I have a conventional career and I like what I do. It doesn’t pay much which is why my bucket list continues to grow. This freeze frame is just to allow a sneak peek into the quiet by nature. We will uncover more in upcoming conversations. You may see and hear almost anything in these talks, feel free to invite others, ask question, speak your heart and just know that this is my life… I am not attempting to change yours by sharing mine. I’m ready, are you? Let’s get acquainted… and spend some time.


I’ll have quite a few new updates that are in progress and coming soon! We have nothing but time, there is progress in patience. The good news… I’m finally here.  Drop in anytime. The door is always open. It’s always good to have company. I hope that you’ll get comfortable while you’re here a…. relax, chat when you want to, listen, comment and be heard.

Right On!


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