Is It Love?

I an image this week regarding Romeo and Juliet that caused me to stop and ponder.  It made me think of how we would look at their lives in modern times.  Would we really say “WOW that it love?” Quiet By Nature (picture credit: Someone sent the image to me in email but not sure […]

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Quiet Your Mind

Know what guides you and what hold you back,  choose that which guides you. Learn to reach high even when you are forced down. Practice those things which God encourages (such as LOVE) with a firm determination and perseverance, without mental reservation or doubt.  Try your best to enjoy your week instead of getting caught […]

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Buttermilk Fried Chicken

INGREDIENTS Peanut Oil Chicken (1 whole or 1 family packs of legs, or breast, etc.) I normally use a family pack of legs to feed a family of 4. 1          Quart Buttermilk (per whole chicken or per pack) 2          Cups of Flour 3          T of Baking Powder 3          T of Goya Adobo 3 […]

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Something to Think About

The quieter you become, the more you hear. Challenge yourself to love what you don’t understand. Cure what need not be endured; endure what cannot be cured. You cant control what happens outside – but you have control of what goes inside. If you get the inside right; the outside will fall into place. Learn […]

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Do You Say Yes?

I saw this post and there was interesting discussion about it.  Surprisingly may people responded “YES”.  Is if your boyfriend or girlfriend does this; what will you say? Quiet By Nature

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The Real You

The more we live life and get settled in the day to day competencies, we can find ourselves caught up in pressure and anxiety.  Now is a great time to pull back from those pressures and seek your true self ( your core, spirit, heart). There is where we find love, peace, hope and  the […]

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I visited the street that I grew up on this weekend. There is nothing there now but dried up land and I suppose if I really think about it, there was really nothing there when I was growing up. We didn’t have much of anything and occasionally my sister and I will reminisce about how […]

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