H20 (Water) 30 Day Challenge

Water Drink UpOne thing that I know about setting and achieving goals is that there should always be a stretch goal. That stretch goal or challenge, so-to-speak, can be a baby step but it should also be something that has been a difficult for you to achieve. There are things in this life that come easy and by all intents and purposes should be easy but it may require a little work by others. In my efforts to be a better me, I have decided to set a water challenge, since it has been a difficult for me to reach the suggested standard. I have been known to go days without water and that is not healthy

Drink more water by any means. The weird thing is that I have a desire to drink it but day after day I just don’t do it. I have water at work, I take water in the car, and there is water in my gym bag. There are times when there is water sitting on my desk at work but the day passes when I realize that I haven’t taken one sip. I have set notices but the think with notices, alarms or alerts is that one must act on them and not just snooze them. While I don’t know how or what I can do to do better in this area, my mind says I just need to do it, which may or may not be easier said than done. I plan to go into this challenge not thinking about the past failures and the things that I have tried but try to have a new outlook everyday and remind myself of wonderful benefits.

Water helps maintain the balance of fluid

Drinking a healthy quantity of water is vital to our health. Every cell in the body needs water.  It is so important to have enough fluid in our body.  I’ve read that our brain is comprised of 90% of water. If we don’t have enough water in body, our brain won’t function well, which is why some people suffer from headaches and migraines.  When we begin to feel tire or run down; we not only such ensure that we are getting enough rest but also remember our water intake. Headaches may be the sign of dehydration. If the water intake does not equal the output, dehydration can result. Drinking water helps the body burn stored fat. During this challenge I hope to make water my drink of choice. Anthony from work informed me that he had constant issues with bloating and his doctor informed him to increase his water intake and decrease sodas and other sugary drinks. As soon as he did this, he no longer experience the usual bloating that evidently was caused by drinking sodas, artificial beverages, and some juices. He said that he may very seldom get that bloating feeling but drinking water during those times helps that feeling diminish.

Water helps with illnesses and body functionality

Water can more easily help combat colds and sicknesses. Drink plenty of water when you begin to feel sick. This is not something that I got from a doctor but I can say that it has worked for me when I am consistent – when I drink more water my symptoms appear to improve and I heal faster. Water is good for our kidneys and liver. I am told that the liver will help your kidneys detoxify your body when plenty of water is added to your body.

Promotes weight loss

I visited a nutritionist some years ago and one thing that I can remember about our visits is that whenever she talked about nutrition and weight loss; she always included something about water intake. Water helps energize muscles. It suppresses your appetite. You won’t eat as much. It prevents fluid retention; the body won’t try to retain water if it’s getting enough water.

Good for body, skin, hair, nails etc.

Water cleanses from the inside out. Drinking plenty of water does great things for your skin. Not drinking enough results in dry skin. Skin moisturizer work on the outside but water works inside and out. It lessens the presence of lines and wrinkles. It adds shine to your hair. Many hairdressers that I have frequented swear that a cool-water rinse leaves hair glossier. Cool water tightens the cuticle layer of your hair so it lies flatter; the tresses are smoother and more reflective. Drink more water and check out how beautiful your nails become.

Knowing all of these things and even more about water; I can tell you that I still struggle. My challenge therefore over the next 30 days is to do the following:

  1. Take water with me everywhere I go.
  2.  Drink water when I first get up in the morning.
  3. Drink water before each meal.
  4. Drink water with each healthy snack.
  5. Drink water during and after my workouts.
  6. Drink water when I’m tired
  7. Increase my water intake when I’m ill.
  8. Replace sugar-sweetened with water.
  9. I further plan to read articles and research the healthy benefits of water to each day to have more ammunition to help me on this journey.


  • Water helps with your metabolism
  • Water protects your organs and helps them absorb nutrients better
  • Water protects and moisturizes your joints
  • Water regulates your body temperature
  • Brain = 90% water
  • Muscles = 75% water
  • Blood = 83 % water
  • Bones = 22% water


I don’t know if anyone else has a problem with drinking water, but if you do I encourage you to think of ways to help increase your water intake. Replace bad habits with better ones – one baby step at a time. Find ways to encourage yourself. My journey begins tomorrow.

Bottoms Up . . . Cheers!

Quiet By Nature



pic from: http://res.freestockphotos.biz/pictures/5/5181-a-beautiful-teen-african-american-girl-resting-on-bleachers-with-a-bottl-pv.jpg






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