Repost: On Frank Gifford’s Life (Faith)

There is a time and a season for everything.  I am grateful when God gives us peace in every area of our lives.  It makes such a difference and it enables us to continue in the right direction.  We all will struggle, have good and bad times .  The easy things are just that… easy but when we face difficulties – there is when and where our faith is tested.  We can never be perfect although we can strive for it everyday. Our legacy is those REAL moments that we teach with living our everyday lives.  It doesn’t feel like a blessing when we walk through the trying times, but seeing the walk and faith of others is sometimes a blessing to those watching.  It gives us a little bit more to hold onto.  You never know who is watching your life and / or how it may effect them.  Frank story – hearing just a snip-it about his gratefulness, the way he lived and those things he left behind, life treasures, for those who closely surrounded him and those on the outside taking a quick peek in.  It blessed me to watch this and of course, I want to share it.



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