Beautiful Lyrics

music_notesI Was Made To Love You

I am a WORD-person. I love lyrics, poetry, the beauty of communication.  It excites me to hear something that is well put together, or even perhaps something that is simple, but clarified for a child to understand – when the meaning is so clear that understanding is understood by all.  You might be saying the same thing over and over again, but in such a way that you truly want to the person to know the depth in which you feel it, the passion involved and the very life in it and how it moves you. As I was driving home today, a song played in the background that my ears finally tuned in at the chorus – the words were not elegant but instead simple and beautiful:

It had to be my destiny
I was made to love you
My hands to touch you
My arms to hold you
My legs to stand
My time to spend with you forever
I was made… Made to love you
My lips to kiss you
My eyes to see you
My legs to stand
My time to spend with you forever
My life together I was made
Made to love you (Made to love)

Sometimes it takes song for us express what the heart feels.  It may be why I have such a love for music.  I can sit and listen to it for hours on end – any genre.  It is amazing what comes out (what is created) and shared when sound and heart meet and truth is released.

Quiet By Nature

Song:  Harold Lilly; Eddie Berkeley. Published byEMI April Music Inc.; Fingaz Goal Entertainment Inc.; Uncle Bobby Music; EMI Blackwood Music Inc.; Gerald Levert – I Was Made To Love You


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