ACTIVE DISCIPLINE – for you and your children

I have good friends – a husband and wife, who live in DFW area.  There’s a younger couple that would love to move with them until they can find a place to live.  The younger couple is interested in moving to Dallas.  The younger couple came for a short visit and the end of June (they have 5 kids and 3 cats).  While here, one of the kids broke a ceiling fan (somehow), another managed to dig up a portion of the older couples garden, a large glass mirror was broken and that is just the beginning.

OK, this may seem simple of enough to me but perhaps not to everyone.  Our kids learn from us.  They won’t know discipline unless we teach them.  YES, things and accidents happen but what I can say about the couple of weeks that I visited my friends (the older couple) is I never heard the younger couple try to correct their children when they were doing things that they should not have been doing. . . getting into and pouring out hand cream, etc.  What you allow in your own home may not be allowed in someone else’s.  It is not for someone els (i.e. in this story… the older couple) to correct your kids.  You need the place to stay…  Don’t allow your children to destroy someone else home while you sit and act as if you don’t see what’s going on – while you do absolutely nothing.  Clean after yourself and your children and please don’t expect someone else to welcome your pets – especially if they do not have pets.  It is a huge decision to allow others to move in, sometimes; an even bigger assumption for one to think that they want to allow your pets.  I know we love our pets.  Look around at your own place prior to making the decision to move with someone else.  Is it in disarray (junkie)?   Trust me when I tell you that even if the person(s) that you hope to move with, have their own clutter … they do not want yours.  We all know that kids will be kids but adults and parents should be just that.

I never hear the older couple complain during the times that I visited them. They never said a word.  But I am just thinking out of common courtesy that the younger couple should do better especially one someone else is giving them a second chance to do life and live in their new beginning.

Quiet By Nature


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