It will never work. . . .never be more than it is right now. There seems to be something terribly wrong with downgrading, running in an unlimited circle of restless restrictions – with no possibilities, no hope of real touch, passion, or life. There’s nothing like an unfruitful tree, doing something for nothing and hoping in something that can never change, can never bring joy or a happy ending.There have been portions that tasted so sweet but have never and can never be fulfilling. There is no point. I am turning my face to the sun, my back to your hypocritical ways and my heart to a new refreshing. I am setting my soul free. I released my hair to fly in the wind, my mind to dream and my will to do far greater things than I’ve learned with you. I am ready to be touched deeper than you’re willing to go. Yes – I’m good and yes – I want to

Quiet By Nature,

© June 2015, September’s Song (PenMarc Blues)


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