Uniquely You

Be who you are (who you were created to be).  Everyone deserves to get to know the real you.  You are authentic and no one else can be who God made you.  There may be some with similar ways, principles, compassion, wisdom, heart, etc, but they are not you.  Make no excuse in showing off your true self.  This is not an excuse to be rude  or to not show love and kindness.  We all have flaws, we all have things and / ways in our lives that are less than perfect – make no excuse for that either, strive to do and give better all the time.  Your best is required.  It’s reciprocal.  It’s important to keep the key people and things around you that keep you motivated.  Show those features about you that others have mentioned are inspiring; things that they enjoy and even more so – that you enjoy… the things that make you – YOU.  Everyone will begin to learn and know your beauty.  Being around Real people is always breath-taking.  Motivate yourself to be you.
Be You!
pic from: Bumble Bee Aufkleber - Bild vergrößern www.sticker-dealer.de
pic from: http://www.sticker-dealer.de
Bumble Bee Aufkleber – Bild vergrößern More
Quiet By Nature

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