I Hear You Cheater

cheaterThank you for the compliments, for telling me over the past week how nice, how pretty, how unique, sexy, how loving I am.  Truly it does mean something. You’re always telling me how you want to come visit me, take me out and do nice things for me.  You tell me how you have always like me and thought that I was all of that.  I hear you saying that you would like to travel with me, attend concerts, wine me and dine me.  I hear what you are saying.  I hear you.

I heard in the background when you called me from home, on that first week of knowing you, a door open or perhaps it closed and you had to quickly get off the phone, call me back later, your boss is calling (at 9:00 pm?), you need to take care of something and you will give me a call right back, but that call back never came – at least not right away, it took a few days.  You called me when you left work but an incoming call rang through, 3 minutes into your  call.  It was then “Sweetheart its been great talking to you.  We had only gotten as far as “Hello, how are you?”.  I mention that you appear to be quite busy and you don’t  really have much time – everything is always moving so fast as if you are in a hurry, but maybe you are. “I have all the time in the world for you, it’s just been a little crazy lately” is your reply to my “busy” comment.  I have only known you for a  week and it appears that “it’s been a little crazy”, since the very first day we met; perhaps I am the only one paying attention to that.  No, you don’t have all the time in the world for me, or haven’t you noticed that you don’t even have time to sit for a bit and communicate.

We decided to go to lunch, but it appeared that you were looking around for someone, or messing around with your phone the entire time.  If I was as beautiful as you continue to say that I am; you made it difficult to tell since you never even looked at me or in my direction.  You called me to meet you after work on the same day because  you wanted “to spend some time”, as soon as we saw one another, you mentioned that you had a meeting in 1 1/2 hours and would need to leave soon.  Not that it isn’t possible to have an 8:30 pm meeting, but it may have been better for you to mention that over the phone and save yourself a trip.

As we moved to the end of week one, I decided that I wouldn’t bother as it appeared too complicated from the beginning.  You somehow made time to call again with your now famous 2-3 minute call.  Needless to say there is nothing there and it is therefore done before it began.  You were found out before you could hide properly, or you were hiding in plain sight.  Your behavior, attitude and character is that of one belonging to another.  There is no need to attempt  defending your actions, “No, it is not like that, it is not what you think, you know I only have eyes for you”.  I know nothing about your eyes – with the exception of they never seem to remain still. They are always shifting back and forth looking for someone, checking the phone, scanning the room.  I wonder what made you choose me?  What made you think that I would even believe the words coming from  your mouth – while I am watching your lying lips?  Your time, character, heart, ideas and ideals are not right. I refuse to share myself in that manner.  I am not  so naive to believe everything I that hear?

My suggestion is to take the time to spruce up your act a bit and make things better with the one you’re with.  You selected (chose) the wrong one.  While I wasn’t quite sure during the first few minutes of meeting you, what my intuition was telling me, the more you opened your mouth, the more it was evident. To determine if I was truly seeing everything correctly . . .  I accompanied you for lunch.  I watched you as your eyes scanned, rescanned and scanned the place over and over again.  I watched as they nervously checked your phone.  Suspicious and ridiculous behavior.  It is sad that you’ve talked yourself into believing that you have the potential of pulling something like this off, when you were clearly out of your league, from the start.

I have been courteous and respectful to you.  As I declined all offers and you continued to try, I nipped it so as not to go on any further.  Graciously (or NOT), I inform you that I appreciate the attention and believe you to be a nice guy, but I am not interested. I tell  you that I know that there is someone else.  You managed a surprised look. Before you open your mouth to deny the truth, I stand saying, “Thank you but no thank you”.  I see that your pride has been wounded and no wanting to wait for the results of that,  I quickly (quicker than the 2-3 minute phone calls with you) explain, as I am walking away, that I need to be dismissed as I have a pressing concern that I must deal with.

Not only is not right but it truly is not good to mess with the lives of others in this manner.  And just what will you say or do, if and when the same happens to you? Will you reserve the right to be angry?  Although you have tried and it failed, that is no indication that the same thing will happen on the other side.  Be cautious how you treat those around you as it might turn around on you.  If you have been blessed to meet someone that you love and respect and the feelings are returned, it is a bad idea to bring more than you can handle, on yourself.  Being a sneak and cheat are always bad business.

Quiet By Nature

picture fromhttp://vervemedia.org.uk/is-it-worse-to-be-the-cheater-or-the-cheatee/


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