Change: The Beginning


When you have a problem, handle it face to face, or over a phone call if the problem is between someone out of town.  Never allow anything to come through true family and friendship.  Speak the truth (IN LOVE), forgive, cherish all that God has given you. Life is meant to be lived, enjoyed, and shared.  It will have good and it will also have not so good moments, but we do our best everyday.  T R Y (practice, learn, push) to make it work.  Do what you can that is in your level of authority. Reach for greatness in every area.  Know that we all have faults.  Learn to accept that and realize that you also have faults and it is ok.  We rely on the One who is perfect and not on ourselves or others.  When you say that you can forgive but not forget. . . realize that that is NOT forgiving.  I would not like it if God was that same way with me.  I am sure that you wouldn’t either.  Be flexible with you and others.  Anyone can live life with out God, but when you choose Him, life is better.  That is not to say that it will be perfect and without struggle or things that cause pain such as grieving, losing something or someone, growing pains but it IS so much better.  Learn proper communication.  Learn how to communicate with everyone.  There is No one in this life that you will me that is not by Devine Purpose.  Everything happens for a reason and with purpose.  Never hide behind others, social media, texting, etc.  It is not good communication. If you want better (relationships, etc.); you have to choose to <WORK> on the things that mean something to you. Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by CHANGE.  You don’t have to wait until the beginning of a new year, month, or specific day and time to make change the things that you have control over changing – that will make a positive difference.   As we experience God’s presence, grow in the knowledge of the Bible, and faithfully serve others, I grow in community and challenge those around me in relationship, to live their lives pointed to Christ and His love for us. It’s time for my own change (transformation) beginning today.  I will let you know in the coming days, weeks, months how that works for me.  Stay tuned.

Quiet By Nature


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