Hear The Call

Strength comes from overcoming things that you once thought you couldn't do.
Strength comes from overcoming things that you once thought you couldn’t do.

Fulfill the dream of your life! Connect and do what you are called to do. Find your sweet spot and pursue it with your heart and all of your might. You have a window of time, don’t waste it. Say “yes” to the that thing that’s been tugging at your heart. Say “yes” to that thing that you may have doubts on how to begin or just how you will accomplish it.

1. Realize that it’s your gift.
2. Hear the call.
3. Receive the knowledge, the push forward, approval to begin.
4. Trust God and have and build confidence in yourself.

You are necessary. How you see things will determine how you will walk into your future.  Your future is something that only you can do.  No one else will do it for you.  Think long term, be strategic.  You do not have the right to remain silent or stand motionless.  Step out and make a difference in your life.  This your place and your time to stand up or stand aside.   Everything does not have to make sense, right now.  Let your talent out of the box. Everything points to the direction that you are going.  Take your dream(s) off of the shelf. Do it afraid every time, if you feel nervous or anxious about it, but say YES! – answer the call & know that it’s your time (opportunity & purpose). You are being nudged. You can do it.

If you don’t feel prepared for the task, know that you are and each day will get better and so will you. God will help you accomplish every function from beginning to end. He has aligned your gift with the call. Do your best to relax, clear your mind of clutter and break through the noise, the past, the “what ifs” and the opinions of self and others. It’s time to shine. As you go, your strength and wisdom will increase. Your ability in yourself to do the task will have no limits. Take over the talent you’ve been given. When the vision appears bigger than you, be grateful. To whom much is given, much is required. You are going to make it. You have to step out to begin, it can’t be done sitting or standing still. Don’t look to negative friends, family or others who are skeptical. Look for those with Godly wisdom, that will motivate, push you, and speak life into you and your plan. This is not a “yes man”, but instead someone with integrity that knows your potential or has great ambition or has lived out a dream, successfully before – a mentor. Don’t quit …. Just Do What Needs To Be Done, one step at a time!

Where God guides; He will provide!


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