The 2014 National Semifinals

2014 NCAA Final Four

The traffic in DFW (Arlington & Dallas Texas) over this weekend has been crazy, to say the least. There is excitement everywhere in spite of the rain and chill in the air. It has been confirmed that the national semifinals brought a crowd of 79,444 on Saturday night to AT&T Stadium (Cowboy Stadium).  The events and concerts in downtown Dallas brought unbelievable crowds and got the town shaking.  Wisconsin tried to take the big 10 into the championship. but got shut down and shut out by Kentucky. Kentucky had 74-73 victory over Wisconsin and now a place in the title game with Connecticut.  It was an incredible win for Kentucky. If they win the championship, I would say that they have fought hard for it. It’s been a rough road.  It took the entire 5 months for them to get here. Kentucky has the best offensive rebounding team. If they are on the move it will be crazy for the Huskies.  Connecticut pressured Florida.  Their defense was solid.  The three 3-pointers in all of two minutes shifted the game. Ryan Boatright and Shabazz Napier upset Florida point guard Scottie Wilbekin throughout the game. Connecticut had a 63-53 victory over Florida. DeAndre Daniel’s who had been inconsistent when he began the NCAA tournament – has now become  contender. *He is on fire with 20 pt and 10 rebounds.  Connecticut with that diagonal pass was fantastic. They beat  Florida and stopped their 30 game winning streak.  Connecticut will be going for its fourth national championship on Monday. This being the first since 2011. The Huskies have never lost in the championship game.  I think it will be a close game as both teams are hungry for the title.  It will be a game worth watching.

*20Pts / 10 Reb National Semifinals  (25 years)

UConn            2014   DeAndre Daniels

SYracuse        2003   Carmelo Anthony

Arkansas        1995   Corliss Williamson

Arkansas        1994   Corliss Williamson

Michigan        1993   Chris Webber


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