My Word

My hope is that my word will be a word that helps, encourages, gives hope and never hinders. I never want my word to be a word that is insensitive, cruel or vomit that is spit out to cause pain. My hope is that my word will have air, energypraying and the ability to lift another to their highest potential. I never want my word to be a word that causes the heart to beat an unnatural beat and retain unbearable stress. I am not claiming to know, but I am learning.  I am not claiming to have arrived, but I am growing. I am not claiming to be all of that, but I am humble.  I am not claiming what you have, because I’m striving for my own. If there is anything in me that needs repair; then I try with all my heart and might to surrender to change. When it’s hardest to love, I love the hardest.  I don’t love only from the start but all the way through the end. I start and finish strong, but I get weak and I am not perfect. I am a helper by nature; it is what I was created to do. I keep order, make decisions and give all of me.  I am responsible and accountable for my flaws, but I remember that there is only One who is perfect. I have a calling that I embrace while holding the hand of God because I cannot do anything on my, if I do I will fail. I feel that everyone is worth saving, teaching and another chance.  It is not for me to judge another or condemn them. I have been on the other side of judgment and condemnation and it doesn’t feel good. It can eat you up. My hope is that I choose not to allow stuff, materials, situations or people to clutter my life; I still have a long way to go. My hope is that every each choice is the correct one. I am not always able to figure out what’s wrong, why certain things happen and my role in this life, but I pray that my word is received and given by the inspiration of God. My hope is that my word will be a word that is God-breathed for my own correction, teaching and training. I’m not perfect but striving to be better daily. Sometimes I have tough times, weeks, days and minutes but try not to worry, think or believe wrong things, asking HOW. Sometimes I can barely find the strength to gather it all & REBUKE – to say ‘stop, that’s enough’ to that which I am fighting. In that moment my hope is that words and prayers another (inspired by God) will avail much and help me to overcome. My hope is that my words will have wings that encourage me or even someone else not to quit. My hope is that my words have power and the anointing of God so that everything that surrounds me in proper and perfect alignment with the Author & Finisher of my faith so that He can eradicate worries concerns and dark clouds and change the course of my life.



 lean on each others strength and forgive each others weakness



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