Government vs The Truth


Some entities think that they are too BIG for others to fight and win against them. Rapes, murder, injustices and unspeakable crime is insulting to us and the constitution of the United States. I reviewed the case information regarding Levena Johnson from the 129th infantry (in depth story links below). This story talks about the army, which is only one part of the government, but it is by no means, the only place in the government that crime and ridiculous injustice has continued like wild fires.  Why? What happened to one team, one goal? One band, one sound? One for all and all for one?


For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, AND THE GOVERNMENT WILL BE PLACED ON HIS SHOULDER, and his name shall be called The Wonderful One, The Counsellor, The God, The Mighty One, The Eternal Father, The Prince of Peace.

How Many More Must Die @ Our Hands
How Many More Must Die @ Our Hands?
From left to right: Pte. William Cushley, Warrant Officer Frank Mellish, Warrant Officer Richard Nolan and Sgt. Shane Stachnik. An incident report by a U.S. military unit suggested they died by friendly fire in Afghanistan, which the Canadian military says is untrue. ((DND))

Fighting since 2005, this has gone on long enough.  And the government shall be upon his shoulder: not only of the world in general, but of the church in particular and our government; this child is born to royal dignity; he is the King; his government consists in ruling in the hearts of his people, in enacting laws for them, and causing them to submit unto them, in subduing their enemies,  protecting them, their persons and properties, rights and liberties, and in supplying them with everything necessary; and this government is delegated to him from his Father, is devolved upon him by him, is not of this world, but is spiritual; it is righteously administered, is peaceable, and will continue for ever: and its being said to be “upon his shoulder” is an allusion to magistrates having a key or rod laid on their shoulders, as ensigns of their office, or carried by their officers for them, see Isaiah 9:4 and it shows that it was laid upon him, or enjoined him by his father, though not against his will; and it denotes a weight of honour and care bore by him, whose shoulders are fit for the same, and equal to it; and that he is the prop and support of his church and people, who are safe under his government and protection. Gill’s Exposition of the Entire Bible (

There is no man made government that is above or bigger than him and he will prevail.  How shameful it is Levena Johnson2America. In a world where we think that we can hide hideous crimes and lies, there is nothing hidden that wont be revealed.  Far too long has this country tried to devalue the lives of those who different, they have tried enslaving, killing off, infesting communities with drugs and yet you still have some will to fight for this country.  AND HOW WILL YOU REPAY THEM?  IT IS AN OUTRAGE AND MAKES ME SICK TO MY STOMACH.  It is at every level in the government.  If they don’t kill you physically then allow us to try with our words, with minimizing you in the workplace in small ways so that no one else notices.  And you have eyes who have seen know what is going on.  There may be some to weary or too afraid of retaliation to speak up for truth, for justice; but there are just as many who are fed up and will not stand for it.  I am sure that you will attempt to portray a picture of disgruntled people when they come up against.  You may even succeed in running some off, but your day is around the corner.   Lets not even talk about karma; the Lord God Almighty said vengeance is His. He doesn’t lie.  He is God.  Everything done in the dark will be shown in the light.  The truth will come and not just for Levena Johnson, it will come for many! And woe to the one who tries to break the back or even touch Gods people, the ones He has elected.  You may have been elected, promoted on your own, to a place where you feel you are above reproach, you feel bigger than life, and you feel that no one else can touch you at your level.  I see a day coming where people will stand for truth and not just stand in a line because it’s popular, because we were born here, or because everyone else is standing on the side of the road more traveled.

God is not about popularity.  There is a road that seems right for a man to travel, but in the end it’s the road to death Proverbs 16:25.  We have to LaVena Johnson3choose a side.  God said that we cannot serve Him and humans.  We will eventually choose what is right over the things that are blatantly wrong or we will await the consequences. We will choose not because it is America or the government or because we are fearful but because it is truly right, just and because the Lord will have it no other way.  Don’t be the one who gets so high up that money or peer pressure changes you for the worse.  What does that profit you? Where do you find yourself after you receive your temporary accolades and small victories?  The government and SOME of it’s workers have been trashy for long time!  It not just in the government but it just so happens that it is a place where it is an epidemic.  This may be an older story, but there are newer stories, if that helps you to better justify, if hat is what you need to open your eyes.  Read and research for truth.  The Lord knows my heard is pure and that I have a passion for the things that He has a passion for, it does not make me any less American, but I am more of a disciple of Christ than anything else.  There a so many temptations in the world that we can fall into, my prayer, daily, is that I will never lose focus of the passion of Christ and truth therein.

God only You are holy. I worship You today and bless Your name. I know it is Your will for us to walk in wholeness. Help me to always choose what is right over all else. Give me discernment to know and stand on the side of truth.  Teach me how to live in this world but not to choose the things of the world, I realize that it can be easy to fall. Help to continue to pray for those who have been done wrong and equally for those who are fallen on the side of doing wrong.  Lord help me not to judge but only to pray that Your will be done because I know that You can change us, restore us and make us a better people.  I have seen evidence Your miracles.  Help us Lord to value the life that You have given us and no matter our sin help us to realize that we can be restored and that we are forgiven.

Quiet By Nature

Levena Johnson

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