Creating a Budget Without Funding

It can be a little difficult to budget when there is no budget or very little to budget with.  We have been, for the past decade or longer, living in troubled economic times that have caused some of our budgets to diminish if not disappear all together.  In the working world, we are being asked to put out the same production, if not more, but the compensation in many cases has not followed.  While we learn to stretch the already out of shape dollar we must also learn innovated ways to advance our skills to keep ourselves in the running market.  Even in times, where we may not experience much advancement in finances or maybe even our careers learning what to do with our money is critical.  Continue to budget and apply what you know.  Just as we can relate to proper guidelines of nutrition and fitness when beginning or maintaining a weight loss or program; we know the proper things to do, and truth comes with the action.  The same holds true when handling and being a good steward over our money.  I have not arrived yet, but I am learning and more and more, I am applying.  I don’t get everything just right or perfect but I am trying to stay on the right path.  I became debt free in 2013, and worked hard to pay down debt but was not setting aside money to pay myself or have an emergency fund.  How I needed a mentor (and I still do) because although I don’t owe anyone; when hardships come; I have no funds to help me out of them and so I get set back easily.  The month of February will begin my trek of saving money. I am so in need of so many things (a car – being 1st on the list) until I am afraid, at this point, of failure, but all I can do is begin and with that pray.  I believe that it will happen.  I know and anticipate that I might make errors along the way but either way, I hope to develop a deeper expertise in the area of becoming financially fit.  If difficult times come, my plan is to tackle them head on and be progressively consistent in doing what I know to do and also consistently being on the lookout for learn and apply functional new ways (or already invented ways – that may be new to me) to expand / grow.  I still plan to pray without cease that Godly counsel and mentors who know what I need to learn will drop in to help because I realize that what I don’t know can harm me instead of help.  I don’t know all of the complexities of what can happen in this world, although I am nearing the middle age mark.  With difficult problems come frustrations and diminished confidence and sometimes the desire to keep trying.  I don’t want that for myself.  I have to remember to try to balance the things that I am aware of and gain knowledge where and when I can.

 I have currently decided to make a transition in careers or at least in what I can do to make extra cash flow.  I wanted to be able to work from home and do something that interests me.  I have never created websites before or taken pictures but I feel that I have a passion for it and I don’t want it to pass me by.  I have on and on, lately, utilized people that I have worked with in the past, youtube and other free seminars to begin learning.  How I wish that I had the funds to just attend school and learn what I need and do but I don’t have a savings or an emergency and those items are top priority on my list right now.  So I have to learn the best I can. Yes , there are a million other things that I have going on right now, but my promise to self is that I will at least devote 10 hours per week to investing in myself and learning.  It has been a slow process but I will not complain.  I am more structured with classroom settings.  I believe that this will be a positive source of money for me even if it takes a bit longer to learn it this way.   In the meantime, I have my full-time and part-time jobs and always looking for a mentor or someone who wants to barter time for expertise.  I would love giving my time for free labor (working for someone with no pay) to gain hands on knowledge.  This is another thing that is on prayer list. It will happen in due time.  The downside to self-learning sometimes is there’s no one available to answer my questions so that I will truly know that I am learning in the correct manner.  Bottom line, this dream and vision is part of my plan to help me maintain debt freedom and a steady income.  I hope to see a return on my investment in my near future.  Needless to say, I expect that there may be challenges down the road, but I choose to believe that moving forward, with our without money in the bank right now that the journey will be positive as well as fruitful.  There is always more than one way to do things so as I learn and apply, I know that I will make it.  God please help me to be a good steward over everything that You teach me and retain the knowledge from everyone You send my way  to speak into my lift and future.  May 2014 be the best for us all.

Quiet By Nature


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