Step Into Your Destiny

We cannot just allow this to be another year of setting goals that will not accomplish.  Goals are to be remembered. They should mean something to us, our heart must be in it.  We are not generic people and therefore our goals should not be generic.  Although we are all people, we are not like anyone else so comparing ourselves and our goals will only frustrate us.  We have a role in this life and we don’t need another invitation to step into our destiny.  The time is now.  In accomplishing our goals we must listen to wise counsel, for those who think they know everything, this part may be a bit hard as it is hard to receive constructive criticism or correction when we feel we know it all or our way is better.  There may be those times when the counsel we receive is not as wise as we would have hoped, but we don’t have to speak against those in authority who gave the advise.  We can learn something from everyone.  Even bad decisions bring knowledge. This is a time for us to grow and do those things that we know is right to do.  We cannot miss accomplishing our dreams because of weakness, laziness or pride.  This year I encourage you to try.  And after you’ve done all that you can, try again.  There are somethings in the universe that are only meant for you.  If you give up on them, then they will be lost forever.  Revisit your goals, update them, mark them off when completed, work toward them, invest in them, pray about them and always remember them. 

Quiet by Nature


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