Some Want Believe You

I read John 7:1-24 this weekend and reflected on the fact that Jesus said the world hates him.  During the feast of the Tabernacles his brothers wanted him to come along to perform miracles, but the time wasn’t right, however, he went secretly and didn’t go out to teach in the temple until halfway through the celebration which was to last seven days.  He had not studied the scriptures for years and years as the rabbis had but he amazed the people with how how much he knew and the accuracy of his teaching.  He claimed that he received his teaching directly from God which frustrated some of the people to the point of wanting to kill him.

Bottom line is there is some who will be believe and yet others who will choose not to.  People are the same today and not just as it relates to Jesus.  There will be times when others will want you to come out and show everyone what you know, but we shouldn’t go until the time is right.  There will be people who will want you to reveal your secrets, your plans and dreams, for all to see, but you must be strategic in all that you do.  You should also know that there will be those who will hear you speak truth, see you do what is right, and witness you living your life in peace and with great knowledge.  They will be amazed but they will hate you, not because you have done anything to them, but just as a matter of choice.  We can’t get upset when others begin to discuss us, question the truth, form wrong opinions either based on what others are saying or what they believe.  We can’t become annoyed because of those who will choose deception and craziness.  Everyone has to choose a side:  right or wrong, good or bad, life or death.  No one can ride the fence.  It is not up to us to judge another for their choices.

In spite of all that happens around us, who is looking, where we came from, what we’ve been through, where we are going, who likes us and who doesn’t – we too must make a choice to believe or not to believe.  There will be those who call themselves friends, co-workers, church members, supervisors, family and/or loved ones who may decide not to believe in us during some point of our lives. They may hate us to the point of wanting to kill us.   If we plan to stand on the side of right, then that is a choice that must be made daily.  It is not based on a feeling or circumstances.  It doesn’t feel good when others choose against us.  Rejection is not something that one hopes to experience, but life is to be lived and the light that is within us must continue to shine no matter what.  Sometimes that light will be for our own guidance and yet other times it may be for those around it.  Continue in the right way. You will be better for it.

Quiet by Nature


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