Big On Buying

I hung out with a group of people this weekend – catching up on old times.  Two of the individuals in the group who were siblings, mentioned that one of their family members is big on buying everything shown on television infomercials.  After mentioning some of the more common items that they have acquired in their family (food saver, the ninja, the sham, etc.), one of siblings indicated that they have enough lawn equipment to have a professional landscaping business and yet the family member who purchased the equipment continues to pay to have their lawn professionally landscaped.

You have your own equipment but you pay  a service to take care of it every week . . .?

My questions:   Why not do your own lawn?  Is the purchased equipment for the landscaping company to use as a backup in the event that something happens with theirs?  Have you thought of selling the new equipment since you are obviously not using it, perhaps to a lawn service who could benefit from it and possibly give you free landscaping for a while (as a trade off)?  I suppose the real question is, What in the world are you thinking, when you waste your money like that? The questions that we ask will more than likely make no difference as I am sure that family member has already posed these as well as a few other questions to themselves and has found this behavior to be ok.  Interesting. Perhaps there are others who NEED resolutions just as much as the rest of us.

Quiet by Nature


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