The Expression Is In The Saying

Stand on what God tells you.

He will connect you with your deepest desire, purpose/destiny.

Dream again by faith.

Allow yourself to be touched deeply.

Some people will try make you believe that things can’t change.

As you worship God stand on the declarations of what you want see God do:

…with lost husband, dream job, business break through, addicted friends / family, wayward kids, your family, and future.

Some things have to be declared.

If you have the thought in your mind, Say It.

You can’t run a marriage without saying anything

The other has to know that they are loved.

You can’t just think it for them to know it; you must say (confirm) it.

Expression is in the saying.

Put yourself out there.

Step out on God’s grace and dare to dream again . . . watch what God will do.

Quiet By Nature


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