Running After and Seeking The Best Way

I’m not out for personal gain. I try to seek out what God wants.  We’re all at various levels in that . . . Some believe there is a God and yet others do not, and then there are some who struggle with the entire concept.  My belief is that He is everything and I am running after and seeking Him.  I am not attempting to be perfect as there is no way that I can be.  Even after becoming a Christian I am not in denial that every morning when I awake, even after praying for a good day; I realize that I will stumble, make mistakes, fall, disappoint others and sometimes I’ll disappoint myself.  But I will always dust myself off and try again. . . try to do what is right, what is just, kind, noble, acting through love with everyone that God allows me to meet (including myself).  I am human. I can’t be anything else.  But I give my all – being sincere, honest and walking with integrity and the character of God. I can’t concern myself with the hit list of others, vendettas or those who just don’t like me;  but instead I watch and I pray and I know that God hears, understands, and will answer.  Whatever is mean to to be; will be.  We all have struggles or a story.  No one will ever know my walk in it’s entirety except God; nor will I know theirs.  We’ve all been through something and may go through again. I am not here to make it more difficult for the next person, but to live my life and in so doing, try my best to help where I can can.  I continue to pray for good days, everyday.  Most of the time, I receive them and I am grateful.

Quiet By Nature



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