We are coming upon a new month and we are in a new season. Live victorious!!!  Everything in life comes down to decisions. In whatever you decide, never compromise yourself.  You truly are required to do the right thing, although we don’t always choose the right choices, the decision is ours.  Be a reflection of good.

Surround yourself with those who are wise and who can help instead of harm.  One day you will need someone to mentor you, to stand by you when things are tough or to just listen and they, in turn, might need the same. . . you don’t have to be in control of everything.  We all must continue in this life until have finished what we came here to do.  Be stimulated, available, loveable, kind, knowledgeable,  sober, and know that you are equipped for what you were designed to do.  This will be a good week. I pray that everything go according to plan for you.  No matter what you see with your physical eye, know that everything will work out for your good.  Don’t allow the rest of this year to pass by without REALLY trying.



One thought on “Seaons

  1. No matter how much I try to surround myself with good people. God still throws in those people who push me to the limit, who test beyond what I think I can handle and who try my patience. I know that I still have growing to do but I just wish that whatever lesson, I am missing that I would learn it fast so that I wont have to keep going around this same track. I know that I have tried a few patience of my own and for that, I am now, very sorry.


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