I told a friend…

I told a friend that my mom was not feeling well the friend told me let’s stop and pray, and we did.

I told another person that I know the same and they began an entirely different conversation as if they didn’t hear me.

I told a friend that my car broke down and they quickly asked where I was so that they could come assist.

I told another person that I know the same and they began referring me to someone that they had never used before or met.

I told a friend that I wanted to take them to lunch; and they ended up wanting to bless me with the meal.

Another person that I know asked me to lunch, I explained that I did not have money to go out that week, but they persisted and ended up expecting me to pay, not just for mine, but for theirs as well.

I told a friend that I wanted to hang out and we spent the day getting into everything, laughing and enjoying the day.

I told another person the same and it became all about what he wanted and how he wanted it.

I told a friend that I was hurting and they came over, stayed with me to talk and hold my hand.

I told another person the same and they wanted to know what I had cooked and if they could come by when the meal was ready.

I told a friend that I received a promotion, we celebrated all night.

I told another person the same and they began asking who I knew and what I did to get a position such as he promotion that I received

Some things that have happened to me and a few of my other friends caused us to stop and think and share in conversation.  I suppose we may all know those people who only want us to come to their house and never want to stop by for a visit in our home; people who will sit there lifeless when the food receipt arrives and 90% of time they don’t pay or even help to pay the bill.  Not too long ago, someone  wanted to take me somewhere.  We ended up at a camera shop because I had misplaced the cover to my lens the week prior.  The person that I was with talked with the sales person as I looked around the store.  I didn’t know what they were buying nor did I ask.   Some minutes past and I was asked to run out to get my camera, I returned with and move on around the store as the sales rep and the person that I was with talked.  Ten to fifteen minutes later I was asked if I were ready. I indicated that I was. I saw both of them heading toward the register and I followed.  The salesman rang up the items and says that will be $50. 75.  I was still somewhat lagging behind looking at the last minutes must buy items when I looked up and noticed that they both were looking at me.  “Your total is $50.75.  MY total? What the heck did I buy?  When did I inform the sales person that I wanted something?   I begin to look at my camera which now had a lens cover mounted to it and few other things.  I vowed never to go anywhere else with this person because this wasn’t the first time and I am sure it would not be the last time something similar to this had happened.  For one, how does one assume what’s in your wallet?, that you have enough money to pay for what they feel that you need?, How do they know your priorities – what’s more important to you at the time?  The nerve!  I was in disbelief.  There was yet another time that I had a barbeque, in which I invited friends, some neighbors and as always I picked a few homeless people that I know so that they could come by for a good meal, relaxation and good conversation from people who would embrace them.  There was sufficient food to go around and at the end of the day I along with some of my friends from church prepared plates for everyone to take home and past them out as they began leaving.  Each plate had sufficient food for a couple of meals since I especially wanted to ensure my homeless friends had more than enough.  Of course there was one, who always takes more than his fair share; as he approached the kitchen, I thanked him for coming and handed him a plate and drink to go and wouldn’t you know he asked for 4 drinks so that he could have some later.  I gave him and bit smile, a hug and as I corralled him to the door, I told him that I hoped that he could come to the next get together because it was always a pleasure seeing him. I held his hand and looked in his eyes and told him that he was so blessed, and he had so much.  I asked him to look at the people there and tell me what he saw.  He didn’t have words, so I told them they had very little, if anything.  I discretely thanked him for leaving the four drinks for them.  He understood exactly what I was saying and showed a bit of embarrassment but I really just wanted him to do the correct thing so that everyone would haven enough.

It is not my job to change those around me so I work hard to change myself when they are around.  I try my best not to judge those living in this way because everyone has the ability to fall.  My prayer is that I continue to try everyday to do those things that I know to do, ethically and respectfully. We are all a work in progress.

Quiet By Nature


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