Publicizing my encounters with God will be interesting to say the least.  I realize that there are some who are really sold out and truly believe… this is the side that I am on. There are yet others who believe to a degree and yet others who may not believe at all.  I have friends that fall in each of these categories; regardless of the side that we have chosen, there is a great respect for one another and trust that God grows daily. I want go into detail of how I met my inner circle friends but will say that the first encounter with each of them has remained memorable.  My first three minutes with God, in the quiet of the night appeared to be longer and shorter than three minutes. I wasn’t quite sure what or how to approach it or just what to expect but I knew that I was and am expecting something.  Life has been hectic but by the same token the peace of God has rested on me.  There is never a moment that I doubt Him being here.  I know that I have been wishing, hoping and praying for change, something different in my life but everything that I have tried in my own physical might has failed or didn’t quite turn out as I desired.  I didn’t approach my first encounter with a hand out or asking God for anything, but I just decided to sit in His presence, with no light, no distractions – other than the timer set for 3 minutes, no desires, but only one thing on my heart and that was to let God know that I am here.  It is easy to become invisible in this big world and society teaches some that designer, labels, actors, famous and upscale are the only things or people who are valued enough to look upon.  I am simple and embrace the simplistic parts of life.  I find heroes in ordinary people who are not so ordinary.  I cheer for the under dogs. I find hope for those things and people that others give up on.   Over the years of I met many people: those the world would call normal, some are mentally retarded, or have mental health issues, homeless, lost, autistic, poor, wealthy, heartbroken, addicts, the abused, etc.  I am not one who always has a smile on my face as there are some who used to asked if I were angry or would tell me that I am always so serious.  But the inner most parts of me my soul and my heart are real.  I realize that I am one who has been and will have the potential of being misunderstood.  It is not something that is on purpose but I am truly quiet by nature and while I am serious; most will not know the radical, the fun, the joking, the giving or the loving side just simply by looking at me.  There has to be a real encounter for you to know who I am and what I am about.  I am no different than anyone else. But what happens more times than not is people take the “opinions” and thoughts of overs about others and miss out on getting to know real people. I heard my current boss say talk about the open window of time to get know not based on what is there or what others say about a person or thing, what is strange is I have watched others come in and give her direction on how things should be and constantly see her run to those who were there in the past . . . not utilizing that open window, that short time frame, but doing the total opposite of what she says.  Don’t get me wrong it is not easy; especially when there are already standards or certain things set in place.    The desire for fresh, for improvement, to learn and continue to ask questions and not get stuck on doing things because this is how they’ve always been done; treating those that some consider as outcast, in a bad way,  because  it’s the way they’ve always been treated – – because they ask too many questions, or cause you to look at things different, cause research which equals more work …

None of the above was on my mind when I sat in silence that first three minutes. I wanted to ensure my mind was cleared so I prayed that everything would be removed.  All those things that were pressing in my mind I laid them down and ask that God not allow me to pick them up because I only wanted to hear His voice.  The bible tells us that God is the same yesterday, today and forever… if He was speaking 2000-3000 years ago then He is still speaking now and I wanted to hear what, if anything He had to say to me and didn’t want other circumstances blocking my mind. After praying and honoring God I clicked the timer and waited.  A couple of minutes into the silence the word that I got was ENCOUNTER. Not understanding, I continued to sit hoping for more and what ended up happening is flashes from the past began to pop in and out of my mind. . . flashes of people, places and things but the  commonality in each flash was people.  People who have come and gone, people who have remained, people who beat the odds, people who have caused harmed and pain, people who have been forgiven,

In all of the encounters that I have had with people the first 30 seconds of are crucial.  I am a listener and I love to hear the hearts of the others.  I love to know the story by the those that we as a world consider “ordinary”. . . God’s phenomenal people.  There a some who begin with a bang and let it all out at the very begin so there is no mistaken who they are what they’re about and others who are bit more reserved.  There is no mistaken who they are but the biggest part of their being is doing everything or almost everything at a slower more deliberate pace.  There are others who don’t believe that they even have a story worth telling and their question is why should anyone listen to them or here something about their lives?  Who are they?

There are people who have shared their stories with me almost my entire adult life. I am transparent most of the time and have gotten to a point in life where I don’t mind telling my story if it will bring hope and encouragement to someone else.  I am very open and always create a peaceful, comfortable and relaxing environment that allows people to talk about a variety of things but no matter what it is there is usually  no pretense  or uncomfortable silences that prevent openness.  I am that one who will look you in the eye to receive and to give truth in love; one who loves asking questions,  engaging and motivating those around me. In return I receive the same – even more than I give . . . the law of press down, shaken together and running over – it’s real.

Why should they listen

Let them know the objective

End before expected

Premature evacuation

Be aware of listeners attention span


Transform relationships

It’s not just saying the words

Admitting mistakes or imperfections

Fear of rejection or being exposed, retaliation – it is a risk but it is meaning

Takes courage and finesse

Regret – expression of regret – empathy. Acknowledgement of the others feeling


Refrain blaming and accept consequence of actions



Attention and attitude

Negotiation Its an art

No excess vefbiage

Don’t interrupt

Keep finger on important issues what is going on in the world

Don’t  become tooo relaxed

Show human side

Don’t have to be the smartes person in the room

Cant know everything there is to know


Project strengths in other ways

Eye contact important

Most important person  in the room

Understanding what others want and conveying their needs

Look for a persons comfort zone

We’re Just Ordinary People:


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