Lot Going On. . .

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So there is quite a bit going on and I am working to keep my attitude pure and  a trying to always keep a smile on my face.  Most days it’s easier than I anticipate I am grateful for that. I feel grateful for the people in my life and the direction my life is beginning to take.  This time around I am maintaining focus on the positive and constantly listening for God’s voice in every moment, every place, and opportunity.  When we decide to focus, distracts comes to do exactly what it does. I am paying attention to the right things.  Last month I disputed an incorrect charge with Chase bank and told them that I had proof of what I paid (actual screen shots – that I have a habit of making in the event that system problems occur. An online system that I used to make a payment, had the correct amount but at the end of the transaction a higher amount was charged to my ATM card.  It as a Sunday so I quickly sent an account notification to Chase, online and followed up with a phone call the next day.  Chase credited the amount back to my account only to reverse the charges a couple of weeks ago, with no warning. This was no small amount and it therefore, caused a domino effect of NSF charges / fees; by the time my next paycheck reached the bank it was all eaten up.  I allowed all of the charges to clear and closed all accounts since I was thoroughly disgusted with JP Morgan Chase.  Meanwhile today, my son called me, I had another hour of work to go, he says that something was going on with his foot and that for some odd reason, he was unable to walk. When I made it to his house he was headed to the emergency room.  I stopped at my place immediately after work (just before going over to check on my son), the electric company had turned off my lights and after checking my mail, I found that my car insurance was cancelled. I called the electric company who had applied my payment to the incorrect account and was told my power should be restored within 4 hours.  I showered, checked my food in the refrigerator packed up my notebook and a few things to study and arrived at my son’s house after a quick drive.

His dog has a rash around the mouth, (small red bumps) – which look similar to pimples. I began researching it online and now I am more confused than ever.  Based on the articles it could be heat rash, doggy warts, allergies and the list went on and on and on as did the remedies.  I decided against watching football tonight; instead I’m watching “Yes Man” – Jim Carey. I fed the dog took him for a long walk and gave him a cool drink of water. He is now sitting in front of the tube as well and it appears that he is actually watching it, which kinda brought a smile to my face.  He occasionally comes over, jumps up and looks at me to check on me.  So I stop, talk to him and check on him.  It is still the weekend and it’s all in the attitude.  I am not disappointed about anything. And even though some things seem bad, it’s all good.

I’m moving soon (few months) which is a HUGE thing and I have a ton of things to do, pack, sell, etc.  I had hoped to work on that today, as well as study wash clothes and dishes. I suppose that studying took precedence this time and I feel great at the amount of work that I’ve accomplished today.  Sometimes it is hard to keep focused on the One that has control.  I don’t wont to struggle with focusing on the wrong thing, I know from experience that you can get stuck doing that and after a while all is chaos and one big blur.  I am taking little steps right now and there are even moments where I stand totally still and just listen.  Thank you God for not allowing me to jump ship.

Quiet By Nature

*I wrote this last month and didn’t post it, but little by little I am making and will continue.  Life happens everyday and our attitude has to be ready, no matter the season.  It’s hard walking the talk sometimes, but we can make it and will make it.


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