Get Off The Fence

We have a purpose, no matter where we’ve come from, what we’ve been through, what we’ve done, said or what is going on in our world right now . . . God can surely use us. There was no one perfect in His own bloodline. A brother murdering his own brother (Cain & Abel), The apple of God’s eye – committing adultery and then having the woman’s husband killed (King David); Tamar dressing like a prostitute for the sake of having a child in the bloodline; Rahab – was a prostitute and the list goes on. Some of His bloodline were not Jews but Gentiles, just as we are. Even the people who followed Christ were not perfect … Thomas doubted Him, Peter denied Him and Paul was a terrorist, a murderer (talk about ‘Thug Life’) – But for some reason we believe that we have to get ourselves together before we can honor Him. We have to live before we can live for Him. What makes us think that we can change our own behavior? If we could have, we would have. If we knew how to get our lives together then we wouldn’t need Jesus. We could depend on ourselves. But we try and we try and we run and run and we agonize over not being good enough to serve God. If you are broken, have habits, messed up, confused, if you done something that you feel cannot be forgiven… God will accept you, if no one else will. He is able to make the impossible, possible; to change or get rid of that tie that has you bound. Some people can’t accept you for who you are or what you have become, they can’t forgive your past, but God will never leave your side or forsake you in any way. Got issues with lying, cheating, addictions: stealing, promiscuity, over eating, over spending, drugs, alcohol, sexual sins? Feeling hopeless or as if no one cares. Seriously… God does. He gave you everything. He gave you the world. He gave you His only son. He gave you life. What else does He need to give to prove His love? You don’t have to do anything special… His love is unconditional Just come. He invited you. Try Him and see. It is your choice. He is not going to force you. Don’t look at HiS people to help make your decision. They are imperfect just as you are. We all are imperfect. Look at the Passion that He has. He is not one of those people that you have to call over and over again, begging to spend time with you, who will never answer and then has an excuse when He does. Open your mouth and speak and He will listen. If you mess up, fall short or don’t do everything just perfect… He is already aware that you might fall (a righteous man falls seven times… but gets back up again). He is not going to condemn you because you fell. There is no condemnation. Don’t wallow in the fall, just get up and try again. If He asked you to do something… Try. He’ll reward your obedience. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else, live your best life. Do what you are capable of doing.
I pray that we begin to act based on what we know about God and that He will give us grace to live in purity and help us to obey and trust Him. Living with Him is far better than dieing without Him. Where do you want to spend the rest of your eternal life? Not making a choice is making a choice. Choose life. If you can’t see the signs in this world, OPEN your eyes. It is time to choose, hot or cold, life or death, blessings or curses. Have you ever fallen on that middle bar on a bicycle? Or fallen on the fence while you were straddling it? <<<<ouch!!!>>>>… if you have, it doesn’t feel good. You would remember if you ever have, trust me. You can’t straddle the fence or be luke warm. Choose today, tomorrow may not show up.

Quiet By Nature




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