There Are Still Beautiful People Out There

A lady with four small children whose husband died last year; always has her little ones dress sharp and they arrive at church early every Sunday.  After her husband died she let the newer car go back because she could not afford it and she kept the older of the two cars. The old car needed repairs and all of the tires were so old that there were wires hanging from each of them. A couple of Sundays ago after church, she and her kiddos headed for the car and as she loaded and buckled them in; listening to what they had learned in church; a man approached her. He informed her that her tires were too old to continue driving on them. He told her that God had blessed him to open his own business which was a couple blocks away from the church. He sold tires in his automotive shop and wanted to bless her with 4 new tires and a spare. Her income had not allowed her to have the car accessed to determine if anything else was needed. When she returned to church the next Sunday, she joyously told a few people what took place.  Word passed around quickly and our minister got wind of what happened and began telling the change of events as he asked her to stand.  As he told the story she had such a huge smile on her face and cried nonstop. She became so excited hearing about the blessing that she began jumping up and down.  The pastor concluded the story by informing us that the young man not only came through with the tires as promised but also totally repaired every item on the car that needed attention (one brake light out, window motor out which only allowed the windows to let down a quarter of the way, a/c service, tune up, changed an oxygen sensor and spark plugs, brakes and cv joints, the battery, changed all fluids including an oil change, replaced old windshield wipers, wrote her a check for $1000.00, prayed for her and her children and that is just to name a few things he was able to do). Amazing Love! To take from your abundance and truly bless someone who would not otherwise be able to help themselves in that way. My tears streamed down for almost a week or longer after, at the thought of goodness and mercy following us all the days of our life.  Even still I think of it and I am amazed. The young man didn’t want recognition but only to help where he could. I turn my gaze over to the young lady almost every Sunday … she is still smiling.

Quiet By Nature!


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