My Hand @ Softball

My Hand @ Softball

Last year one of my previous co-workers talked me into playing softball. After I agreed I realized there were a few problems: I had never played softball before, the season was halfway over and there was no time for me train or learn what I was to do; and not that I have anything against it, but just to give you a picture of the team… most of the players were very buff butch-like women and then there was me, Miss Priss… well not exactly, but a little more dainty then the rest of the players. These girls played softball every year, they played together as a team and I don’t believe they were ready for me. A few members of their team had been deployed but the rest of them still wanted to play. So, of course, they took drastic measures by drafting me. I was immediately selected as short stop and I thought it would be an easy job until I saw the first ball flying in from our pitcher; at which I thought quickly “bob and weave or fall to the ground and cover my body?”  I selected the later. After I dusted myself and viewed the faces of the team – who all appeared to be very stern, there was eye rolling and if I am not mistaking I believe I heard a few words that may have been profanity. “Do they know that I have never played before? Better yet, did they see the ball coming fast and furious for my body? What was I supposed to do – Let the ball hit me?”  I later found out that they wanted me to

C A T C H the ball. Well needless to say the team worked hard for the rest of the season, which wasn’t very long, to try to teach me softball. My favorite part was going to the batting cages. I still love to do that although I may not hit very many balls. My least favorite was the butt taps by my team mates when I actually did something right… and I did manage to do a few things correct; thank You God. At the end of the season, I asked the girls if they wanted me back for another season and they quickly declined even though I was doing so much better (ok… a little better). Playing softball was not on my bucket list but should have been. I had a blast, got plenty of exercise (short stops have great legs from doing low level squats all day), I learned to laugh at myself even when others weren’t laughing and I met some new friends. The team, well, they learned not to take life so serious and that at the end of the day it truly is just game. Members from the other teams began to hang out and associate with our team because me. There was one girl that laughed so hard that she had tears. I am not afraid to do something that I have never done before. What others say and think does not bother me… if they want or need you … you’re still on the team. Our team, especially 1st and 3rd basemen and the pitcher had to work especially hard to try to cover their own area and also cover for me when the balls were coming in too fast. They knew that I had flight syndrome… I only wanted to run when I saw the ball coming. So they adjusted their roles and came running into home to help. I felt so special and I am sure they only felt tired.  I can say that I did catch a few incoming balls, sometimes with my eyes squinted closed. I am so glad that I had the opportunity. It was total fun!



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