Veggies… Delightful & Delicious?

So I am fasting for 90 days with fruits and veggies and one day a week I have allowed myself to have meats. The first couple of days of the fast were somewhat bland eating… boring. Yes, I fast is supposed to be a sacrifice but I am not sure that it should be boring. While I am mainly doing salads and attempting to make sure that I get some protein in there somehow, I normally add various nuts. The second week went a little better when I began adding hot foods, mainly veggie soup – all natural (organic). Well it would appear that there are many churches that participate in a fast of some kind during the first portion of each new year and after speaking to a few people at work, some vegans, vegetarians, people in my classes and also viewing the internet, it would appear that there is so much that one can do to prepare food (fruits and veggies) when fasting. Exciting!!! Yesterday I decided to make a Vegan Chili, not knowing how it would taste or if I would like it. I used Navy, Pinto, Black and Dark Kidney beans which I soaked over night the previous night. I cooked them slow and steady for at least 3 hours before I roasted some fresh veggies and spices: carrots, onion, corn, red, yellow, and orange bell peppers (beautiful colors), quarter of a jalapeño, ground black pepper, chili powder, cumin, and lime zest. In a separate pot I boiled whole fresh tomatoes, peeled the skin and allowed them sit in an ice bath for a while before blending in some of the roasted veggies and fresh garlic. I also visited a whole foods stored where I located some soy crumbles that had the texture of sautéed ground hamburger, which I sautéed in a skillet with onion in garlic for a few minutes.  I slowly married all ingredient together and allowed them to simmer for 1 ½ to 2 hours. 

Vegan Chili Image: from

I was quiet impressed. I didn’t use too much corn but the amount that I did use allowed for a sweet taste. I could tell that this was not regular down home chili but at least it wasn’t boring. I invited other friends who had also been cooking boring meals during their time of fasting. We sat around the t.v. and caught up on missed time over a hot bowl of chili.  The chili sparked ideas and encouraged everyone to look up recipes in cookbooks or online that will help them to better get through their sacrificial commitments. Who would have thought? This is not a new concept but we just never thought about the different ways to prepare even when limiting certain things from our diet.

Mmm Good Eatin.




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